I am a freelance theatrical fight director, movement artist, performer, fitness coach, and writer. Check out below for latest video,  WoW (Words of Wisdom), and NEWS. 


Over the past year I have added many training intensives to my qualifications. I am now a teaching apprentice with Dueling Arts International, Intermediate Actor Combatant with Rapier Wit School of Stage and Screen Combat, Fight Directors Canada Intermediate Actor Combatant, and re-certified as an Advanced Actor Combatant with Society of American Fight Directors. I also completed LA Stunts boot camp based in Atlanta.

New Video: Fight Scene Shop Promo- Buffalo NY April 2017

Coming soon! The Spring 2017 Fight Scene Shop in Buffalo NY. Our video promo feature footage from our winter training.

New Action Reel 2017


True growth will always come from within, while others can help us through inspiration, advice, and little nudges here and there, the journey will always be up to us. 


(March 2017)
Relocated- Atlanta!

I have moved to Atlanta to join their booming filmand theatre community. I still plan on being available to travel for any job, anywhere, including back home to Rochester and Buffalo, NY, like for the Fight Scene Shop coming up.

(November 2015)
Combat Concert, and Marshall University

This past summer, I teamed up with musical composer Derek A Graham to create an exciting combat concert entitled Living The Dream. This explored the aesthetic of stage combat and movement with an original score, telling a dreamers tale. While I am still going through footage and yet to post photos, Derek has a page with samples of his score. Give it a listen at http://www.derekgrahamsound.com/living-the-dream.html

Recently, I also visited the theatre department of Marshall University as a guest teacher. I led a two hour workshop on unarmed stage combat, falls and rolls. Pictures and video for these events soon to come.

(September 2015)
The Summer Came and Went!

I have been absent from my website for quite some time! I will soon go into great detail here about my summer at The Lost Colony as a fighting principle/fight captain, as well as creating an all original combat concert.

(April 2015)

Article Published: Performing Art to Martial Arts- The Fight Master Magazine by SAFD

The Society of American Fight Directors has published an article I submitted for their magazine- The Fight Master. Performing Art to Martial Arts is an analysis of my experience from training Shaolin Kung Fu in China, as well as other martial arts. It explores how physical performers including stage combatants, in fact, especially stage combatants can benefit from studying martial arts. It is also a good example of material you may find in my book later on. If you are a member of the SAFD, be sure to check it out for sure! 

(February 2015)

Classes at Phoenix Martial Arts Rochester

This past week, I have just started teaching "Xtreme Martial Arts" (AKA Shaolin Acrobatics) at Rochester Phoenix Martial Arts.I am happy to be a part of their team, and agree whole-heartedly with the type of school they run. It would be difficult to find any other physical arts school to offer a wider range of material than we do. My classes are Wednesday nights, 7:30 to 8:30, and open for kids Saturday mornings 9:00 to 10:00. Check out their website here at http://www.rochesterphoenixmartialarts.com

SETC Workshops Upcoming

The Southeastern Theatre Conference approaches! March 4th through the 8th to be precise. There will be hundreds of thousands (slight exaggeration) workshops available, two of which I will be teaching. If you are attending SETC, be sure to look for these insightful classes- 
Illusion of Violence: Fighting Foundations and Stage Combat Safety
Friday 5:30 to 6:45 (March 6th)
Moving Mindfully: Personal and Interpersonal Awareness
Saturday  4:00 to 5:15 (March 7th)

Article to be Published

 I have recently received word a publication of the Society of American Fight Directors entitled The Fight Master will be publishing an article I wrote. The article draws from my experience in China and contemplation of the benefits of studying martial arts for theatrical performers such as theatrical combatants.

The article is entitled Performing Art to Martial Arts, and was written from materials of my journaling while I attended Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy in China. Also, from said journaling, I am working on a book chronicling my experiences and contemplation between the theatrical and martial in deeper exploration, all with my vibrant, insightful yet comical personality of course.