Fight Choreography
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Fight Choreography
   This is ideal for professional theatre companies, as well as theatre programs of educational institutes putting on dramatic works which include on stage violence. It may be as simple as a singular slap, punch, or fall, or as extensive as a large scale brawl with swords, shields and high flying kicks. 

It's not just about coordinating actors and movement. I work with the director and their team to utilize their skills and follow the vision they have laid out for their show in a safe and effective manor, all while staying true to the given circumstances of the scene. I have worked with directors on either end of the the spectrum of collaboration from, just take over and make a fight scene here to getting more involved and saying How can we make this more brutal? Could he punch him while he's on the ground and reaching up? Yes he can. 

Are you interested in classes for your company or school but do not have a show that needs fight direction? See below for group stage combat instruction I offer. 

Stage Combat Workshops and Classes   Ever since I took up stage combat and martial arts, I have made it my mission to achieve a balance of realism, efficiency in movement, and safety. Classes of a variety of lengths, skill levels, and subjects are available in the wide world of stage combat. Contact me and I will tailor a lesson plan to your individual needs. Some examples of subject matter I can offer are: Partnering techniques (weight sharing and actor communication), stage falls and rolls, striking (punches, slaps etc.), and the common weapons of the stage and screen- knife, broadsword (longsword), rapier, rapier dagger, staff, sword and shield, small sword, as well as "found weapons." Styles of unarmed combat can  
range from contemporary violence, slapstick, street brawling to martial styles such as kung fu and silat.

Classes and fees will be on a case by case basis depending on hours, location, and equipment available. Please contact me for details.  

Movement Coaching   Not everything is about violent story telling. Through my studies I have found effective mind-body training methods that have brought me not only greater physical skill, but higher quality of life. I can offer classes in "mindful movement" that will help students become aware on an internal level, making their bodies not only stronger, but smarter. Although I take a mind-body approach with everything I teach, this type of training is meant to have a primary focus of building movement principles and knowledge as opposed to simply moving based on how we think something is supposed to look. These types of classes give simple exercises students can practice on their own and training is offered both in private one on one lessons and group classes. 

Performance   I found my interest in movement and teaching others through performing myself, and as much as I love teaching, I'll still always love performing. I fancy myself a mover above all else. I don't mean I'm an "actor who moves well," but I have many movement skills and I try not to play favorites in defining myself with just one thing. I perform LIVE ARTS. I am an actor, dancer, martial artist, physical theatre practitioner, and stage combatant. That being said, there are plenty of less physically intensive roles that I am eager to play as well, but to me, even that is movement.

Fitness Training   Thanks to years of self induced physical training, grueling shaolin training, Liu Seong kuntao-silat drills and a plethora of unique dance and physical theatre exercises, my bag of training tricks is overflowing with techniques and exercises to put you, your company, or class up to the challenge to get achieve the highest level of well-rounded fitness in your life. 

I do not make body builders, but I will help you or your group along a journey to get in the best shape for functional fitness possible. It is not just about strength, but also flexibility, stamina, coordination, and balance. If you have a specific skill you want to hone your body for, then we can tailor a plan and training for that purpose. 

Private training   Every class listed above can be offered in the form of personal training.