Archival footage: Rapier Wit intermediate intensive January 2017.

 A short shot quickly with myself, Kenyon Productions, and NYC based Musician/Actor Johnny Vituli, who was visiting a friend of mine on the outer banks. It is in his gorgeous garden where we shot this fun fast flick.

The Lost Colony 2015: Big Battle (Select choreography, actor- "Wanchese")

The Lost Colony 2015: Swordfight (Choreography)

Clip from "Fighting for the Stage" workshop

Theatrical Martial Arts

2 person form: staff (spear) vs double sword

What is a shaolin two person form here you might ask? Well as you may know the first physical training I dove into was stage combat, which led to martial arts. It turns out the shaolin system eventually trains two person forms to understand the interaction between two people. Normally, a shaolin practitioner would be required to go through a couple years of solo form training before working on one of these. I was just a lucky foreigner. I think understanding solo movement is absolutely imperative before going into "two person" work. 


I put this in this section as well because although done with a different attitude, there were many similarities I felt between working this and fight scenes I had performed or choreographed in the past. Please enjoy the other videos below!