I am thrilled with the work done by Justin Krall as instructor of Stage Combat for the Deaf and hard of hearing college students in the National technical Institute for the Deaf performing Arts Program. I had Mr. Krall as a visiting instructor several times over the past semester and the students were engaged and interested. Most importantly he emphasized safety with the highest regard and I can still see his influence in the stage work they continued to do after he left.

Mr. Krall was clear in his physicality, communication and able to facilitate in a class that uses Signed Language as the common communication. He comfortably worked with an interpreter, used mime and wrote instructions in visible English when necessary. He was able to adjust his skills to the level of the students without making them feel overwhelmed and still pulled out some “flash” in his demonstrations to get them inspired to work harder.

I was very glad to have had him as a guest instructor and would love to have him back in the future fas a teacher or fight choreography.

If further information is needed in regards to this exceptional instructor of physical theater and stage combat please feel free to contact me directly.
— Luane Davis Haggerty, Ph.D. Senior lecturer Department of Cultural and Creative Studies Performing Arts Program Rochester Institute of Technology/National technical Institute for the Deaf